Whitespace issue on repeating pattern in illustrator

How to Fix Whitespace around Repeating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

The whitespace around the pattern can be frustrating but there is an easy fix.

You will be surprised on how to fix an issue of white space around the repeating pattern. It is as simple as hitting one key once you get to the layer you need fixing. Yes one click and you are on your way!

Go to the Layers Panel on the right of your workspace in Adobe Illustrator and click on the arrow next to your Layers to show all the layers listed. Scroll to the very bottom, last layer.

Once you have the last layer chosen (blue dot next to layer should appear). Click on the letter D on your keyboard. Yes you heard that right! Click D on your keyboard.
Notice on the right top the fill color turns white and outline color turns black.

Change the fill and outline colors back to no selection for both.

There it is!

Should. be all fixed!

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