Hi, my name is Doreen.  Welcome~

I am someone who strives on learning or creating something new everyday.  For years, all I wanted was to change my life, my outcome.  

By doing something new each day, I fought my way out of that lifestyle of struggle to a more financially balanced life.  I am definitely not perfect because I still have work to do.  

I was born in New York, moved to Hawaii to visit family and never left until recently.  Now I live in Washington and wow what a difference!  It's been a long road but I am so grateful for the journey.  

I am also a mom of two beautiful children, well one young adult and one teen.  As for the 4 legged family we have 1 dog, 2 cats which makes it a full household for sure! 

I can proudly call myself an artist, surface pattern designer, crafter, creator and a computer geek to the core.  I love most things digital but there is nothing like pencil to paper. 

My goal is to design beautiful designs as well as supporting others in areas I have knowledge in.  


Master Degree in Information Management and database management.  SME in many different software products including Microsoft products, Adobe, Netsuite, Boomi, SAP Concur, Adaptive, Blackline, Workday, Cricut, and Coreldraw.  

And when I am not dabbling in the above programs, I'm creating custom design products, stationery, worksheets, planners and stickers from my art, mixed media art projects, or photos using the sublimation process.  In addition,  I love helping other creatives bring their work to new levels.   

I just love all things creative. 

Declutter, your heart, your mind, your home.   Let go of the heaviness that may weigh you down.  Make your life simple but significant because you deserve to be happy.

Maria Defillo