Surface Pattern Designs

Surface Pattern Designs

Floral Sense Pattern

You can take one pattern and change the design multiple times to create a different type of pattern.  Then take the design and create beautiful products for everyday use!

Blue Floral Sense Pattern

Using this design I've created books, mousepads, phone case covers, pens, tote bags and more.  Love the colors of this design.

Floral Sense Pattern Maroon and Blue Green

I faded these two designs so it looked washed out.  Then I created personalized passport covers.

 Elephant Doodle Pattern

I sketched this on my iPad and then created a custom notebook and a pillow case out of the design.

Fleeting White Flowers with a Peach Background Wallpaper

Types of Wallpaper

  • Peel and Stick

    Subtle linen textured, DIY-friendly self-adhesive, removable and cleanable wallcovering for smooth, flat, non-textured surfaces

  • Grasscloth

    Natural woven grasscloth wallpaper with a slight luster for the ultimate in timeless elegance - paste required

  • Non-Pasted Traditional Pebble

    Scrub and scratch resistant wallpaper perfect for high traffic spaces - paste required

  • Prepasted Removable Smooth

    Water-activated, removable wallpaper that's simple to apply for a splash of pattern

  • Country of Origin: USA



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