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Ceramic Plaque - Just For Today Oval Ceramic Plaque

Ceramic Plaque - Just For Today Oval Ceramic Plaque

This Oval Ceramic Wall Decor with String is approximately 8 3/4" x 6" and has a cork backing with rope to hang the plaque.  The ceramic tile has a Glossy finish.

This floral image was designed as a pattern for the background of this piece.  Just for Today is a reminder of things we need to keep close to our hearts and act out today.  

Just for Today, Live and Let Live, Keep an Open Mind, Let go and Let God, Listen and Learn, First things First, Do the next right thing, How important is it, Keep it simple, This too shall pass, Easy does it, Let it begin with me and of course my favorite one day at a time.

Display this sign somewhere to remind yourself just for today!

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